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Pet Surgery

Our veterinarians and technicians in Sherman have extensive experience performing surgeries with consideration for every pet’s personal needs. In addition to spays and neuters, we perform a wide variety of soft tissue and orthopedic procedures in our state-of-the-art surgical suite. We also use lasers in our surgical procedures to improve your pet’s comfort and recovery because we value their well-being just as much as you do. Call 903-300-1547 to learn more!

Pet Surgery


Pet surgery is much more advanced than ever before, thanks to an increase in surgical standards; therefore, surgery is very safe for pets! Since Texoma Veterinary Hospital is an AAHA-accredited practice, we naturally follow AAHA’s authorized surgical protocols.

These include:

  • Pre-surgical exams to check your pet’s health before surgery and to determine the correct pain management and anesthesia protocols.
  • Having a dedicated surgical suite to prevent cross-contamination and to decrease post-surgical infection risks. Our surgical suite is a completely sterile environment that we reserve solely for surgical procedures.
  • All of our doctors and staff wear disposable surgical caps and masks at all times while in the surgical suite. Furthermore, any staff members directly involved with the procedure at hand must wear sterile gowns and single-use gloves.
  • The use of sterile packs and equipment is vital to reducing health risks to your pet (and our staff members). We also carefully clean, sterilize, and wrap all surgical instruments prior to each procedure.


Texoma Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer laser surgery for pets. Our surgical laser allows us to elevate the quality of care we provide for our patients in several ways:

  • First, the laser scalpel is completely sterile, further reducing infection risks.
  • Second, it seals blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerve endings, making an incision, significantly reducing pain and bleeding.
  • Third, the laser allows for greater precision and causes less trauma to the surrounding soft tissues, resulting in less pain and allows for faster healing and recovery.

Overall, laser surgery is an excellent option for minimizing your pet’s post-surgical discomfort. To learn more about our surgical laser and whether laser surgery is an option for your pet, let us know by calling 903-300-1547 today.