Offering Dog and Cat Breeding Help in Sherman, TX

Texoma Veterinary Hospital offers many pet breeding services to experienced breeders in and around the Sherman area. It's very important to us that your animals receive the best care at all stages of the breeding process, from insemination to neonatal care. Call (903) 300-1547 to learn more about this service. We are happy to address any and all concerns and questions you have about pet breeding.

Pet Breeding Services in Sherman, TX: Newborn Puppy Sleeps on Woman's Shoulder

Our Pet Breeding Services We Offer in Sherman

We provide a variety of services to ensure that area pet breeders are able to successfully and safely breed their animals and produce healthy litters.

These include:

  • Ovulation timing and progesterone testing
  • Pregnancy ultrasound exams
  • Pregnancy radiography to determine puppy count
  • Infertility workup
  • Fresh chilled semen shipping
  • OFA radiography services
  • A-Stamps
  • Genetic testing for breed-related diseases
  • Surgical and non-surgical artificial insemination
  • C-section (reproductive surgery)
  • Neonatal exams and care
  • Reproductive consultations
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Consult with Us for Your Pet's Reproductive Needs

It is always our goal to help pet breeders keep their animals as healthy and happy as possible. You can come to us if ever you need a veterinarian to help you with your animals and offer valuable advice regarding their care.

To speak with our team or schedule an appointment, call (903) 300-1547 or request an appointment online. We look forward to serving you and your animals to the best of our ability.

Pet Breeding Services in Sherman: Veterinarian Holds Newborn Puppies